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Procurement consulting and interim management

Your challenges are our challenges. Whether big or small, they matter to us. 


Procurement consulting and interim management

Our approach is hands-on, wherever you need it

RfX Management  ・ Advanced Negotiations  ・ Claim Management  ・ Contract Management   ・Market Benchmarks  ・ Supplier Auditing  ・ Interim Management  ・ Procurement Reporting ・ 360° cost optimization

We fine-tune your strategy to achieve your long-term goals

Strategic Procurement   ・ Sourcing Strategies   ・ Change Management  ・ Global Sourcing  ・ Procurement Guidelines   ・ Value Engineering Methods  ・ Category Management   ・ Risk Management & Expediting  ・ Frame Contracts

We work with your people, optimise your processes and improve your tools

Process- & Demand Analysis  ・ Supplier Management   ・ Global Organizations   ・ Project- & Quality Management   ・ Sourcing Methods  ・ KPI-based Steering Models   ・ Procurement Trainings

We bridge your vacancies with interim management

Short or mid-term  ・ Procurement managerial positions (from mid to high level)  


Realising opportunities

7 Steps (adapted case by case)
  • Develop category profile

  • Develop sourcing strategy

  • Generate supplier portfolio

  • Select implementation plan

  • Negotiate and select suppliers

  • Implement agreements

  • Continous improvement


Procurement team and your partner
  • Workshops

  • Collaboration

  • Learning organization

  • Relationship management

Processes are our anchor 
  • Analysis of existing structures

  • Optimization potential evaluation

  • Tools & standards

  • Project management

  • Quality assurance

  • Procurement strategies

  • Sustainable thinking

  • Concept development

  • Organizational modelling with the people

While we keep sight of the strategy


We act on achieving measurable and sustainable results with strong focus on social competence and stakeholder management.
We have a high degree of flexibility empowered by short communication and decision channels. We strive to to meet the expectations of our customers with tailor made solutions. Best practices and pragmatic approaches complete our profile.
Our track record and more than 10 years of experience in procurement supporting our clients in meeting their goals, covers a wide range of industry sectors.

Our customers

Industrial sectors

Mechanical Engineering   ・Automotive  ・Energy  ・Oil&Gas ・Offshore Technologies  ・Wind  ・Pharmaceutical  ・Online Retail  ・Construction

Company sizes

Global Groups  ・Small and medium sized companies  ・Startups

Our team

For each industry sector and company size, we have specialized experts available. All of them are specially selected for being highly qualified professionals in their field of procurement.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Daniel Panzer

Daniel Panzer is the founder of Panzer Consulting and supports managing directors, CPOs, and section managers on their current and future challenges in procurement.

Prior establishing the consulting company, he worked in multiple procurement roles, notably for 2 years at Adwen as Category manager and 3 years at Areva as Order manager. During this time, he reduced costs (CAPEX and OPEX) by up to 40% with sustainable measures for companies in Europe. He now brings this knowledge to his clients, solving big and small problems for big companies, SMEs and startups within the tactical and strategic area in branches like pharmaceutical, chemical, energy and mechanical- and plant engineering. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences.


In his leisure time, he engages with the digital revolution and industry 4.0.


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